Forward Role Recruitment

Having designed the Forward Role logo and corporate identity work almost a decade ago, and now with the company becoming more established and mature, the need to showcase the full Forward Role offering whilst also representing their size and credentials became apparent.

Giving the brand a voice and injecting personality was imperative for Managing Director Steve. Created from the pink dots featured in the logo, a series of happy and colourful characters was born. Recruitment is defined by connecting people with the right people, which needed to be visually represented by the brand. The characters provide the ability to deliver clear communication across all areas of the business. Whether clients, candidates or indeed the Forward Role team themselves, marketeers are the focus of the brand, and therefore a look which embraces personality was essential.

“It’s a brand that really stands out in our industry and gets regular compliments from the marketing community we work with.”
Steve Thompson, Managing Director, Forward Role Recruitment.