Debonair Languages

Debonair Languages is a young and successful language translation company that has grown significantly in the last few years. The business was set to roll out a franchise model across the UK, but before doing so we challenged them to rebrand to better represent their modern and forward thinking approach to language services.

After meeting with the team we wanted to better portray Debonair’s passion, drive and their colourful personalities. Having researched the competition and the modern businesses they were approaching, we could also see that the brand had an opportunity to sell their bilingual offering and their flexibility as a great partner to many businesses– helping them connect with their varied audiences.

We went right to the core of their expertise in language and translation. We decided to use Morse Code as a graphical starting point, with it being such a great visual example of a universal language. We created a recognisable brand graphic, illustration device and typeface from the pattern. Even the logo is built from the Morse Code inspired pattern. The result was a colourful brand identity that represented Debonair Languages, but most importantly gave the team a great platform and enthusiasm to move forward with.