The Bolton Whites Hotel

After 12 years under management from De Vere, an exciting new beginning was on the horizon at the Bolton Wanderers stadium hotel, as they chose to become independent and re-launch as The Bolton Whites Hotel & Events.

We were fortunate enough to be chosen to create the new brand and join the hotel in their exciting new venture. The hotel’s leading USP is its location, therefore it was crucial that the logo portrayed this. The stadium architecture became an immediate point of inspiration, directing us to a design which visually represented the unique venue. Ultimately, the new brand had to appeal to a wide audience, from the sporting crowds to those looking for a sophisticated hotel.

“We had a vision, and we knew how simple we wanted it to look, whilst delivering a very clear message and they got it straight away. We gave them a story of where we wanted to go to and how we wanted to get there and they completely interpreted that.”
Suzanne Speak, General Manager, Bolton Whites Hotel.