Two New Faces Join the Team!

It’s been a busy few months at Arena HQ, but with so much happening, we thought it was time to introduce our two new members of the team.

Meet Sam W

Progressing from his successful work placement, Sam has now become a permanent member of staff (we just couldn’t say goodbye). Having graduated from the University of Salford back in June last year, he now ‘officially’ joins the team as our new Designer, bringing with him an abundance of creativity and an addiction to sugar.

As you may already know, we already have a Sam (Donlan) in the studio, so having Sam (Wyatt) join the team has been a confusing time. Don’t worry though, you should be able to tell them apart, seeing as how one’s a boy and one’s a girl!

We asked Sam W what’s been the best thing about joining the Arena Creative Team?

“Other than everyone being really nice and laid back and awesome? I like how I’ve been given the freedom to use techniques and styles that I enjoy (illustration and typography etc) within certain projects. I’ve not felt restricted in any way and hopefully I’ve been able to bring something different to the studio.”

Meet Lucy

Having previously been spinning plates in the busy creative department at the Manchester Evening News, Lucy now joins the Arena team as our new Project Co-ordinator. Don’t worry Lucy, there’ll be plenty of juggling to do here too!

Joining us back in November, Lucy’s already helping see projects through to completion and she’s making sure we’re meeting our deadlines too!

We’ve also now learnt that Lucy’s no time waster, as the tangerines, which fill her desk drawer, are strictly easy-peel only. Lucy also keeps the team entertained by providing us with daily updates about the eventful life of her crazy cocker spaniel, Poppy.

We asked Lucy what’s been the best thing about joining the Arena Creative Team?

“The best thing about joining Arena Creative is coming into a small team where everybody’s opinions get heard and everybody matters. Because there’s only a handful of us, each one of us are supported in every way possible and we work great as a team.”