Three’s a Crowd (Unless you’re called Sam!)

It’s been a while now since we began our hunt for a developer to join the Arena family, and after much searching, we can now proudly introduce our new Head of Digital, Sam Jones.

Sam’s recently left his position at a leading North West agency where he’s been working as a Senior Developer alongside managing his own client projects for the last 7 years. 

We like to think of Sam as our very own digital wizard, and we have no doubt that he is the perfect fit for our team. Despite this, we are now presented with one problem, or should we say three problems.

Our new Head of Digital is now officially the third member of the team who happens to be named Sam. That’s right, whilst there are now seven staff members at Arena, three of them are Sams, including Mrs Donlan, Mr Wyatt and the new Mr Jones. In Mathematical terms, we’re 42.9% Sam, some may say that’s Samazing. 

All bad jokes and pointless percentages aside, we’re really excited about our growing team and how our expanded offering can benefit our clients, both current and new. Why don’t you head over to Our Story where you can see all members of the Arena team and a brief overview of who adds what to our magic formula.