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12 Days of Arena Christmas

This year’s Christmas card design gave an insight of our achievements over the past year in the style of ’12 Days of Christmas’. Since sending out our card, we’ve had so much great feedback that we thought we’d give you a little more detail…

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Children in Need 2014

Fundraising Children in Need by changing our names and then being penalised throughout the day for not using our new names helped the staff raise £50 for CIN last week. Arena matched this to make a total of £100. Well done team Arena!

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Bolton Beer Festival 2014

We were proud once again this year to be asked to be the programme sponsor for the Bolton Beer Festival. We were more than happy to get involved and do our part to help raise money for our friends at the Bolton Lads and Girl’s Club, as well as getting our hands on a fantastic project: Designing the festival’s official programme.

Having been last year’s programme sponsor, we had already been looking forward to creating the design for this year’s programme.

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