Why we love infographics

Numbers, facts, statistics – they don’t sound particularly exciting and that’s because in their basic form, they aren’t. However, one of the greatest tasks we have been given on several recent occasions is to present these in a way which is visually pleasing. Essentially, we have been asked to make information beautiful*.

For us, facts and statistics are great tools for design and this is why we love infographics. They enable lengthy and seemingly uninteresting information to become digestible and yet look damn good  at the same time. They are a brilliant marketing tool, allowing you to showcase your accomplishments as a company, or what has been achieved in a concise and fun way. What’s more, is often the best looking and well designed infographics are seen by many as they are certain to be shared across social media.

*amazing book.

Four Recruitment Infographic: Celebrating 5 years of Four.